Titus Fish

The Titus Fish is an oily fish. It is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. It has an elongated body with a long and pointed snout. 

Ugandan Pepper

The Fresh Habanero pepper sourced from Uganda in Africa is a hot and spicy chili pepper with a beautiful aroma and smell. The Unripe habanero is green, they change color as they mature. The most common colors are orange, red, and green.
This beautiful vegetable adds a great taste to any meal.


The Atlantic Mackerel also is known as the Norwegian Mackerel is sourced from The Mediterranean ocean of Norway.
This is highly rich in omega H3 and proteins, low in sodium and a good source of Niacin and with less bony parts.

Turkey Wings

Our Frozen Turkey mid wings Sourced from the best production factories across the globe. It is a great source of protein.
The wings are particularly juicy and so delicious

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